Community Led Development
The community suggests and votes on the features to be implemented and our dev prioritizes software development based on votes. Reach out to admins to escalate utility implementations.
dTools is a suite of powerful dapps that allows users to crush the competition in DeFi through speed and advance knowledge.
Multiwallet Swaps
You can manage multiple wallets and perform fast and reliable swaps through our Telegram bot.
Mirror Sniper
Mirror the snipes of top-tier snipers. Your copy snipe is so fast that your transaction will be 0-3 positions next to your match.
Frontrun Sniper
Frontrun Multicall (Uniswap V3) and Unoswap (1inch) buys of wallets in your watchlist. That means we are able to see wallets send a buy transaction in real time and help you buy before them.
Handsfree Auto-Sniper
Our handsfree auto-snipers are a smart snipers that snipes hype launches with 0 work required on your part. Just turn on the sniper and you're set. The snipers knows when hype launches are happening and snipes it on its own. (unreleased. ETA: November)
Method Sniper
Also known as a 'method sniper', the deployer sniper is how all snipers snipe token launches. It requires you to be able to read and understand smart contracts. Like all our other snipers, this sniper is elite in terms of speed.
Defi Analysis Tools
In this space, knowledge is power and our numerous elite analysis dapps will give you the edge over the competition.
Transaction Monitors
Create a watchlist and receive real time alerts of their transactions. We also have numerous smart scanners that scan the blockchain for newsworthy, insider, and alpha information.
Guides to teach you the essentials of Ethereum defi. Learn mechanics of sniping, what to look out for, and how to read smart contracts. Find useful links, and resources for our previous beta product

Get The Most Out of dTools

In addition to all our elite dapps, dTools is also a strong supportive community. To maximize dTools utility, join our community for technical support or discuss about all things Defi.